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Eastern Veil Nebula



I just took this of the Veil Nebula a couple of nights ago. I find it to be such a captivating target and very sinister looking. This is technically the Eastern Veil Nebula as I did not capture the whole Veil Nebula which it quite large but this is easily my favorite part of of the Nebula. It’s around 50 light years in diameter and 1470 light years from Earth. The light from the Veil Nebula is thought to have reached Earth around 5000 years ago after a star went supernova. I used my 80mm Svbony for this shot but I’m looking forward to photographing the entire Nebula with my new 62mm telescope soon! This was from around 4 hours of exposures, I hope you enjoy!

ASI2600MC Pro
iExos-100 Mount
Lights 50x300s
Optolong L-eNhance Filter


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